911 World Trade Center Coins Available To The Public

I’m sure we all still remember the World Trade Center bombings that happened on September 11, 2001. But there is a story some of you may not know of or may not have heard of. Unbeknownst to millions of Americans when the Twin Towers fell on that dastardly day, no one expected to find anything salvageable, yet alone anything worth any real value. Inside the World Trade Center vaults was a vast accumulation of investment grade Silver, Gold and Platinum held by a assortment of fiscal institutions from around the globe including places such as the United States, Arabia, India, Germany, Russian and the United Kingdom!

When the Twin Towers fell, no one anticipated to find anything salvageable, however, on November 1st 2001 the workers at ground zero attained the Iron Mountain vault which was located directly underneath The Twin Towers. Inside this vault were silver, gold, and platinum bullion as well as various coins from around the globe that miraculously survived the incredible disaster. On November 1st, 2001, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced that “more than $ 230 million” worth of gold and silver bars that had been stored in a bomb-proof vault had been recovered underneath all the rubble and debris.

Under advanced security the coins were then loaded into several different Brinks Armored vehicles and sent to Collectors Universe a parent company of the well-known PCGS also known as Professional Coin Grading System. This particular organization is the archetypal company for collectors of coins. Once this organization collected all of the coins they then continued on to catalogue, grade and encapsulate in the PCGS high security tamper resistant capsules along with a specially designed commemorative United States Flag insert that identifies the coins as a genuine artifact. In fact this is actually the best way to know if a coin is really genuine or just some fake imitation, search for the US Flag and then you will truly know what you are buying.

There are several different coins for the disastrous event including; 2000 WTC Ground Zero Recovery gold eagle, silver eagle, and also a few uncirculated 1993 silver eagle gem. To buy these coins you can spend anywhere from $ 60 on up to $ 1000+. These coins truly are a piece of our history and its definitely a piece, if you could choose any piece, that you should have in your collections! It doesn’t matter if your a master at collecting or if you are just starting out, or if you are going to keep these or sell these, this is a valuable part of history that you can take ownership over. Check these out the next time your online!

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World Trade Center Noida, at Yamuna Expressway Call 9560090072.

World Trade Center is famous name in commercial area. Its builders have built many world class buildings in the world of commercial property. And now for the first time the World Trade Center in Noida, Uttar Pradesh has been launched as a commercial project. Semi-furnished offices ranging from 350 sq.ft to 1000 sq.ft and a wide range of office facilities would be offered in the project.
WTC Noida Greater would be offering 12% return assured to your investments so it is a money safe project. The decision of building World Trade Center is not impulsive and has been taken after considering India’s fast paced economic development and growing strength in the field of IT, Education, Medical etc. The work for building the infrastructure has already been started and is likely to be completed in 2016.
The office building of the World Trade Center Noida is different from other commercial projects and buildings. It is a destination where people get together to discuss international business ideas, and develop worldwide linkages to forge the basis for doing business together and ideal past and a safe future.
Spire Group collaborates with World Trade Center (WTC), Headquartered in New York, to develop the NCR’s most desirable as well as biggest Business address with the name of World trade Center Greater Noida. It is approaching up in Tech Zone Greater Noida, presenting furnished office spaces at the most incredible rates and features.
WTC Noida is Adding great facilities in project like health club & fast food kiosks and food courts , multi-cuisine restaurants, gymnasium , Bank/ATM, mini market, event plaza, and amphitheater etc. are some of the exquisite features that make World one of the best places for work. Here, unfurnished office spaces on the first to fifth floor are available with the minimum size of 500 square feet. However, above fifth floor of the towers, well-furnished office spaces are available with the size of 350 square feet, 525 square feet and 1000 square feet.
It was Rockefeller who founded this exquisite organization (WTC) in the year 1959 with the aim of developing positive relationship between every nation and hence taking them towards the zenith of economic growth. It will be a landmark in the real estate development of Noida city and surely will provide a great working environment to the people.

WTC Noida Greater Noida – Features
Fully Furnished and unfurnished office spaces – 24 * 7 Day power backup. 28 days water supply and Director’s cabin in every office housekeeping facility Conference room with video call facility, Wi- Fi / Broadband connectivity Venetian Blinds Locker facility. Reception Lobby and a lounge Assigned parking fully air-conditioned and high speed lift and card access control for pantry with cordless kettle, microwave and water dispenser entry in office etc.

WTC is the great creation in Greater Noida and most appreciated and recognized real estate development. For more information about World Trade Center Noida , contact finlace consulting OR visit our site http://www.wtcnoida.org.in/

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WTC New Project World Trade Center Noida

WTC Noida or World Trade Center Noida is new business real estate development coming up at Tec Zone in Greater Noida. To build this luxurious and business-oriented infrastructure, the World Trade Center Organization has teamed up with well known real estate developer of the region named Spire World. The proposed metro connectivity, present metro connectivity of Noida region, upcoming residential projects by premium builders, better road connectivity, proposed airport and nearness to present airport in Delhi makes this a lucrative real estate offering for businesses. It will soon be the address that would work as a landmark in the region; it would drive and facilitate the infrastructure growth in the region.
Size: 370 – 480 Sq Ft, Price: Rs. 24 Lacs, Booking Amount: Rs. 2 Lacs
World Trade Center is basically offers commercial spaces for office and shops use. The World Trade Center is a global network of office complexes across 330 cities in 100 countries and serves over 1 million member companies today. Headquartered in New York, USA, the unilateral objective of WTC is to promote prosperity through international trade by providing a host of reciprocal services to help foster partnerships – group trade missions for access to global businesses and capital; trade information services and market research services for local business knowledge; trade education services; world-class office complexes; expo and conferencing facilities; short term office space; stay facilities and much more.
HIGHER OCCUPANCY, LONGER LEASES, HIGHER RENTS, RETURNS SAFEGUARDED, AGAINST MARKET DOWNTURNS. The exceptional facilities and services of World Trade Center’s attract some of the biggest names from business. In addition, the high-profile WTC name; the multiple high-image events hosted here and the large volumes of people who visit WTCs, together provide implicit value to tenants. And as real estate projects, WTCs are high profile developments that convey a premier international business address and are highly desirable locations for business tenants to occupy.
WTC Location:
* Home to 50 IT/ITES MNCs and 4th largest IT-BPO destination in India, contributing nearly 10% of total exports (NASSCOM)
* 40 engineering & management institutes, including the 511 acre Gautam Buddha University campus, assure supply of educated manpower
* World class infrastructure – DND-Yamuna-Taj Expressway, upcoming metro connectivity, and planned airport
* Fastest growing residential market in Delhi NCR
* Social infrastructure includes Sports City, the F1 racing track and 2500 acre of residential options
World Trade Center is the name that can only be used by the global organization ‘The World Trade Centers Association’ (WTCA). This organization’s purpose is to promote and facilitate trade at a global scale.

World Trade Center Provided 2 & 3 BHK Apartments in Greater Noida

World Trade Center is just about the most popular buildings inside world. Near about 100 nations is hosting accessibility to towers with its name those are usually 330 in keeping track of. This building will be famous for getting great quality involving facilities and creating a huge quantity involving amenities. It is famous entirely world that India is usually a developing country and a few of the cities of Asia are developing which has a great pace. In those developing cities there’s a city which is known as Noida located alongside capital of India.

Development of Noida has many causes, most important result in is that uncovering beside and second is that each the multinational organizations and call centers and many other business related organizations and offices come in Noida and making their set up Noida. Noida has grown to be most favorite place to the companies.

World Trade Center Noida will be coming now in Noida and taking place in sector 16. There is simply no better place as compared to this in Noida for any world class organization park. Location of world trade Centre will be having great aspects of transportation available. Entire areas are attached through public and private transportation features. DND flyway that is main connectivity hyperlink of Delhi and Noida is found beside boundaries involving World Trade Center Noida. Metro is already available here which is located few steps clear of here.

Employees are often more attracted towards it on account of locations and accessibility to transportation facility. Roads which might be connecting this to other areas are break and traffic free; driving during these roads will constantly pay you a lot more attention towards World Trade Center Greater Noida.

Designs are already done by celebrated Dubai based reputed architectures. Two types of spaces have been planned to get constructed inside challenge. Furnished apartments which will be available on 6 and 7th floor of each one towers, these will be fully furnished and decorated office spots with decided sizing’s those sizes are usually 350, 525 and 1000 sq toes.

Another type involving office spaces will be unfurnished offices which will be available on first to 5th floor of the towers. Most important advantages of this kind of office spaces are that you could arrange and embellish these office spaces according to your choice and according to choice of your current employees. Investments in this project are often more secured and you’ll get assured return of your investment as the particular builder has guaranteed.

World Trade Center Noida will be coming now in Noida and taking place in sector 16. There is simply no better place as compared to this in Noida for any world class organization park.

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Remembering The World Trade Center

All of America and many others throughout the world mourn the anniversary of September 11, 2001. It is safe to say that September 11, 2001, was a dark day in American history that will be remembered and talked about forever, as well as written in history books until the end of the world.

As many people fight to have the memory of those who died on that fateful day preserved in America throughout time, the debate continues about whether or not to actually rebuild the area into a memorial site or to rebuild the Two Towers completely. However, without minimizing the severity of the day or anyone’s memory, there are plenty of ways to commemorate and remember the heroes that were on the ground and in the airplanes that crashed. Owning one or more World Trade Center coins is a great way to serve the memory of September 11, 2001.

World Trade Center coins are not just any commemorative pieces of silver or gold. When someone speaks of the coins from the World Trade Center and Ground Zero, he or she means that there were actual gold and silver coins recovered from Ground Zero as firefighters and volunteers worked through the wreckage trying to find survivors. These coins that were found beneath Ground Zero were located directly under the World Trade Center Towers, and these uncirculated gold, silver, and platinum coins were being held by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.

As soon as these recovered World Trade Center coins were found, though, they were handled very carefully and placed in a safe spot. It was decided that these recovered coins from the Ground Zero site should be treated as artifacts and memorial pieces of September 11, 2001. They were taken directly to the Collector’s Universe. From there, they were minted, marked, and wrapped in special tamper-proof packaging so that they would never be circulated as any dime or quarter is, but would be protected as a commemorative coin forever. Since all of these coins found at the World Trade Center Ground Zero site were organized and cataloged, they are able to always keep track of there whereabouts.

Although these recovered historic coins have not been circulated through the general population of coins at large, they have been added to the rare coin market and currently are prized possessions by rare coin collectors all over the world. Indeed, there were not just United States coins that were found underneath the wreckage at Ground Zero, but coins from all over the world were in the vault that the Commodities Futures Trading Commission held. Some of the countries that these coins originated from include Mexico, Australia, England, and even Jamaica!

When it comes to purchasing one of these amazing pieces of history, there are several ways to go about it. For example, one will be able to find these types of World Trade Center coins listed on auction sites, such as eBay, or they can be bought and sold from official coin collectors and dealers all over the world.

The price, however, for these Gold, Silver, or even Platinum World Trade Center recovered coins will be anywhere between one and two thousand dollars. However, this is truly a small price that an individual will pay compared with what great treasure they’ll be able to own.

Many people are collecting a part of history with WTC Coins. Stop by and share your experiences on our Coin Forum .

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World Trade Center-Furnished and Unfurnished Offices, Tech Zone Greater Noida 9999980895

World Trade Center, Greater Noida
The most powerful business enabler in the world is now in the NCR
World Trade Center (WTC) around the world are known as world class business centers around the world. Spire World launches of World Trade Center Noida Uttar Pradesh. Noida and Greater Noida are business hub of Northern India and the launch of the World Trade Centre Noida towers will facilitate trade and commerce with ease.World Trade Center Association rigorously assesses a proposal before allowing it to use the name of WTC. There are around 330 world trade towers in 100 countries. World Trade Centre Noida has been announced to tap the $ 3.6 trillion business opportunity.
What services you can expect as World Trade Center Noida member:
1. Group Trade Mission2. Trade information, education and market research.3. International shows and exhibition.4. Tenant services, access to capital, strategy and new businesses.

JustAboutProperties – EXPERT REVIEW
After the successful completion of its remarkable projects called, Spire Edge – World Trade Center Maneser (Commercial), Spire World, an eminent realtor with an association with World Trade Organization has again come up with its latest project known as World Trade Center Noida. WTC Noida is a world class commercial project which is located in Tech Zone, Yamuna Expressway, Noida, Which is one of the best location in Noida and is in top 5 most developing area in India. World Trade Center, a name itself speaks about world class commercial world wide. 1/3rds of the global trade worldwide is done by WTC buildings. It is a home for almost all Fortune 500 companies. With all the ultra modern facilities it is a must buy commercial project in Delhi NCR.
Some highlights of Noida and why World Trade Centres are going to be huge success there:
1. Noida accounts for 10% total exports of India and It is one on the largest BPO hubs in India after Bangalore, Gurgaon etc . #World Trade Center Greater Noida 2. Noida is also known as IT hub of India as 50 IT/ITES multinational companies are present in Noida. 3. Located near Delhi and abundant supply of trained manpower.4. Includes Sports city, Film City and F1 track and many great housing projects.5. World trade center greater Noida towers are going to most sough after locations in Delhi/NCR.

For more details & BOOKING:
JUST ABOUT PROPERTIESCALL: +91 9999980895, 8860296626Visit Us : http://www.wtcnoida.in

Just About Properties, is one of today’s upcoming broking houses of India. JAP provides 360 degree solutions to all its clients. JAP works as a broker real estate, franchise broking. JAP offers a wide range of wealth generation solutions to individuals and institutions based on creative value investing ideas. Its strength lies in its customer-centric approach and a firm commitment to make your money work for you.

Just About Properties was establised in 2007 to provide premium services of Real estate, franchise , real estate to Retail, High Net worth Individuals, Corporate and Institutional clients.